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When a member of the team is always doing their best in everything they do are they more vulnerable to feedback, if at the time we give it we forget they are doing their best and just see the output that we might have done differently? Effectively when we criticise rather than praise.

During that time as leaders when we challenge how our team members are approaching things, or we critique the perceived outcomes of their efforts, do we forget that they haven’t stopped trying to always do their best?

This makes the ability to give well rounded, supportive feedback so valuable. At most times it is critical to show skills and consideration when giving feedback but even more so when somebody is giving their all, as they may well be running on empty. What we as leaders say and do at those times will fill the bucket for the next big push or drain it in seconds.

“The power of great feedback, it’s a great gift in the right hands.” You have the choice to inspire or drain, consider this in every interaction you have.

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